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Recent Gratitude Statements

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"Today, I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine and blue skies."


"I am grateful for the supportive community around me."


"I am thankful for the love and laughter in my life."


"So glad I have a comfortable bed I get to sleep in tonight."


"I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that come my way."


"Thankful for the beautiful nature that surrounds me."


"Laughter and joy of children makes me happy."


"I am grateful for the roof over my head and the warmth inside."


"I am inspired by the kindness and generosity of others."


"I appreciate the challenges that make me grow."


"I am grateful for the music that brings me peace."


"Happy about the delicious food on my plate."


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Daily Gratitude will brighten your day as you sit and reflect daily.


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"It's so uplifting to read other people's entries and be reminded that we're all working on being more grateful. Thanks for creating such a supportive space."


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"This site has been a wonderful addition to my daily routine. I look forward to logging in each day and reflecting on what I'm grateful for"


"I love the daily journal prompts on this site. They've really helped me reflect on my day and express my gratitude in a more meaningful way."